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Hi, I am Aishwarya



UX Designer imparting emotions to the world of logic with the help of human-centered design. Currently working with Balsam Brands, e-commerce company selling home decor and consumer products, based in Boise, Idaho


Led the design of an e-learning platform for safety professionals

at BCSP - 5 months 

UX Research, UX Design

Case Studies

at Gravity Drive - 10 months 

UX Research, UX Design

Working as a team of designers, designed a Lawncare Resource management app


at Indiana University - 12 months 

UX Research, User Testing, Android Development

A new way to help the Blind Community type on the go

About Me


Hey there! I am Aishwarya Sheth, currently working at Balsam Brands as a UX Designer. I have 3 years of experience in UX design.
Before that, I was working as an Application Developer and design really caught my eye. I really like to design to solve human problems, and add a touch of emotion to the logical world of technology.
Besides designing, I also love baking cakes, singing and exploring new places.

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