Easy management of Lawncare resources and employees


Managing employees and inventory for lawncare companies is hard. It is even harder when it affects your companies growth.


Research, ideation, prototyping, UX design, Interaction Design


Aug 2018 - April 2019


Figma, Balsamiq

THE ​​

LawnTech is a service that facilitates resource management for Lawncare Companies. I worked as a Design Consultant for Gravity Drive with other three team members to design an iPhone application. Here's what happened. 

Lawncare industry is heavily dependent on good management of the employees to take care of the client's needs. It has many aspects like time-management and inventory management.

Working with Gravity Drive, we faced the challenge of introducing technology for better management of the booming industry.


Gravity Drive is an Indianapolis based design company. We were helping them with the challenge of introducing technology for better management of the booming Lawncare industry.


Gravity Drive gave us a headstart with providing us with these requirements : 

The Process


We went on site with two companies to better understand their current practices of managing resources and what problems they are facing currently. For the first site with Eppic Lawn care, who has around 80-90 clients and wants, we rode along the mowing crew and observed them how they do their task of mowing from client to client and also asked them questions about it. We talked to the Ground Manager to know more of how he manages his employees and resources.


The other site visit we did was IUPUI grounds department and we interviewed the Ground Manager. Their way of working was quite different than that of Eppic Lawn care. They were responsible of IUPUI's lawns.

"RIght now I just use excel and manually update it all. Then have to look into each invoice to determine what resources I have, this takes way too much time"   

                                                           - Ground Manager Eppic Lawncare


Conventional Interviews

We conducted contextual interviews with IUPUI Grounds Department. The ground manager gave us very good idea of how they manage all their resources currently and what are the opportunities that we can think of to solve their problems of resource management


After conducting the observations and interviews, we created the two personas we would like to think about while we design a solution for resource management.

Customer Journey 

We further created a customer journey to understand the pain points of our personas and opportunities to solve their problems.

Key Requirements

Brainstorming ideas

After understanding the key requirements, we brainstormed ideas which would include the key requirements and pros and cons of each idea.

Mobile Application

We chose this concept as it had low initial cost and was much more scalable and usable fulfilling all the user requirements

Paper Prototypes

We created basic paper prototypes showing some functionality like adding tasks to a team, adding resources and seeing the route for a task. We reviewed this with our client and further started working on the low-fidelity prototypes

Low-fidelity Prototype

High-fidelity Prototype