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Aishwarya Sheth


Project 1 of H590, Spring 2018

The web accessibility evaluation was performed on a "wipro.com". I used the wave tool to recognize the errors related to accessibility and manually by inspect element and voice over. It was interesting to understand the various accessibility errors related to the website like missing <h1> tag and alternative text for some images. I also found out the color contrast problem and suggested solution to them. Making this report, I understood the basic accessibility errors a website could have and how they could be easily solved if paid attention to. With the help of this project, I understood the W3C standards for accessibility.


The Report

Letting the user being involved in the starting phases of the development and design. When an upgrade is to be made, making sure that the upgraded website is accessible by reviewing it from an accessibility expert. Hiring a developer who has some accessibility experience to make necessary changes in the website.

Missing first level heading error for wipro.com shown in wave tool
very low contrast error for wipro.com shown in wave tool

1. Executive Summary

This report describes the conformance of the website with W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The review process is described in Section 5 below and is based on evaluation described in Accessibility Evaluation Resources.

Based on this evaluation, the wipro.com website is close to meeting WCAG 2.0, Conformance Level A. Detailed review results are available in Section 6 below. Feedback on this evaluation is welcome.

2. Background about Evaluation

Conformance evaluation of web accessibility requires a combination of semi-automated evaluation tools and manual evaluation by an experienced reviewer. The evaluation results in this report are based on an evaluation conducted on the following date: 02/07/2018. The website may have changed since that time.

3. Website Reviewed

  • Name of the website: wipro.com

Wipro Limited is a global provider of comprehensive IT solutions and services, including Systems Integration, Consulting, Information Systems outsourcing, IT-enabled services, R&D services

The following pages were reviewed manually using tools like voice over and inspect element :

4. Reviewer

  • Name of reviewer: Aishwarya Sheth

  • Organization with which reviewer is affiliated: IUPUI

  • Contact information for reviewer: adsheth@iu.edu

  • Reviewer areas of expertise: Web technologies, Use of a variety of evaluation tools for Web site accessibility, Use of a variety of evaluation tools for Web site accessibility.

  • Natural language with which reviewer is fluent: English  

5. Review Process

  • WCAG 2.0 Level for which conformance was tested:  WCAG 2.0 Level A, AA.

  • Validation tools used and version thereof: Wave Evaluation Tool, 1.0.9

  • Description of manual reviews: Manual reviews conducted by me include inspect element and voice over. Using inspect element, I found a missing heading for the page and images missing the alternative texts were found when I used the voiceover on my laptop.


6. Results and Recommended Actions

  • Interpretative summary of review results

   This website is close to meeting WCAG 2.0 A level


  • accessibility features in which this site is strong include

  1. Null or empty alternative text

  2. image with alternative text

  3. A layout table is present.

  4. A second,third and fourth level headings (<h2><h3><h4> elements) are present.


  • Recommended priorities for addressing inaccessible features of the site:

  1. Missing or uninformative page title

  2. Missing alternative text

  3. Linked image missing alternative text

  4. Missing form label

  5. Empty link


  • Three Selected Problems and Recommendations

  1. Missing or uninformative page title

  2. Contrast Errors - Very Low Contrast

  3. Missing alternative text


  • Include links to WCAG 2.0 success criteria and techniques for all non-conformant items

  1. Missing or uninformative page title

  2. Contrast Errors - Very Low Contrast


  1. Missing alternative text



  • specific reports in appendices

  1. Missing or uninformative page title1

  2. Contrast Errors - Very Low Contrast2

  3. Missing alternative text3


   provide recommendations for addressing non-conformant checkpoints

  1. Missing or uninformative page title1

   The code is missing a header tag in the body.

   <h1>Wipro home page<h1>


   Adding this header tag in the body would let the user understand what the page about.


   2.Contrast Errors - Very Low Contrast2

    Current colors

    Foreground Color: ffffff
    Background Color: 6e86a9
    Contrast Ratio: 3.72:1

    Changes proposed

    Foreground Color: ffffff
    Background Color: 6b717a

    Contrast Ratio: 4.92:1


   3.Missing alternative text3

   alt text= “the global presence of Wipro over the world”A

   alt text= “people working at Wipro office”B

   alt text= “An inside look at the Wipro office”C

   alt text= “Close the side menu”D

   alt text= “Next”E


  • Describe or point to a suggested program of on-going monitoring of website accessibility, re-evaluation of authoring tools, etc






7. References

  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Overview


  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0


  • Techniques for WCAG 2.0


  • Accessibility Evaluation Resources


  • Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools List


  • Using Combined Expertise to Evaluate Web Accessibility


  • Images


8. Appendices

  • Reference 1









  • Reference 2

















  • Reference 3




Image A with no alternative text
Image B with no alternative text
Image A
Image B
Image C with no alternative text
Image C
Image D with no alternative text
Image D
Image E with no alternative text
Image E