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The Problem

Meet Richard, a safety coordinator wanting to achieve the CSP (Certified Safety Professional) credentials. He has to take an examination administered by BCSP.

With a busy schedule and avoiding expensive options like in-class sessions, he looks for online resources, but to his dismay, there's not a lot of credible sources available fitting his schedule. With low-quality material and not enough practice makes it difficult to achieve his credentials.

Richards Dilemma

How might we increase the efficiency and quality of preparing for certification exams considering the busy schedule and without increasing the financial burden?

The Solution

examCORE is an asynchronous learning management system, which helps with preparation for the certification exams. It was build by keeping in mind adult learning and is based on four phases of exam preparations.

The test taker, needs help with Planning for his test, understanding and learning the concepts, retaining information, and last but not least, practicing for the actual exam. 

examCORE tries to be a complete solution when considering preparing for BCSP certification exams in occupational safety.

Planning Phase

Plan your prep with ease and view your progress at a glance

Plan your prep with ease and view your progress at a glance
Take a pre-test to get a baseline of your preparedness, and examCORE helps you with planning. Focus on your weaker modules and skim through the stronger modules.

Learning Phase

Learn by watching videos on your own pace and convinience

All the concepts explained by Subject Matter Experts help with learning at your own pace. Easy module wise separated content.


Retain information with quick challenge quizzes and fun exercises

Check if the new things you learned are retained with challenge questions, have fun with exercises, and test at the end of every module.


Practice with ample Simulated Exams & Practice Tests to be prepared for D-Day

Practice, Practice, and Practice is what makes you comfortable for a test which is not in your native language.

The Process




Competitive Analysis

Focus Group

Guerilla Interviews

User Journeys


Information Architecture


High Fidelity Mock-ups


Information Architecture


High Fidelity Mock-ups

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