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Hi! I am Aishwarya UX Designer bridging logic & emotion in Tech. With over 4 years in the field, my passion lies in weaving emotions and human touch into technology, transforming user interactions into memorable experiences.

In my recent experience, I was exploring the depths of e-commerce at Balsam Brands, where I was dedicated to enhancing user engagement and simplifying the shopping experience. My journey has also taken me through the realms of mobile UX and consumer-facing desktop applications, where I've left my mark by prioritizing intuitive design and user satisfaction.


Want a yummy treat?
You know who to talk to ;)

Besides baking, I learn Indian Classical Music, Go hiking, explore around nature and love to learn new skills. 

I also love...

When I am not designing, I am experimenting with baking cakes. I love to help people celebrate with joy.

When I'm not designing...

That's it from me. Please feel free to reach out.  

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