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Challenging Cart Abandonment: The Journey to Creating "Favorites"

The Problem

While exploring Balsam Hill's e-commerce site, many customers found themselves drawn to the high-end items, filling their carts with luxurious goods. Yet, this excitement often led to a common problem: high rates of cart abandonment.
eep analysis showed that shoppers frequently added multiple premium items to their cart, planning to select just one to purchase, leaving the rest behind.

This behavior was uncovered during an essential project focused on improving the shopping cart experience. It became clear that customers were using their carts and new browser tabs as a way to bookmark items they loved, indicating a need for a simpler solution to track these products.

The Background

Balsam Hill is a global, eCommerce retailer with roots in holiday and home décor. Creating joy with the help with the help of beautiful products and experiences that inspire meaningful moments with family and friends

 The Challenge

Our high-level goals were

  1.  increasing shopper trust and reassurance, ensuring the right purchase decision

  2. enhancing the user flow for seamless shopping experience

My Role

I led the design of the Wishlist feature between Febraury 2022 and June 2022 and collaborated with product and engineering team. 
I worked alongside a product manager, and a UX Writer and Sr UX Designer 



Shopper lacks trust in the choice of product added to cart 

 Absence of the ability to facilitate product comparison and reinforce purchase decisions.

The Solution

the "Favorites" feature.

As the lead designer, I crafted "Favorites" not merely as a solution to cart abandonment but as a reinvention of the shopping experience. This feature enabled users to easily save and return to their beloved items, fostering a more personalized and satisfying shopping journey.


Key Features

Add to Favorites


Adding favorites feature helped to decrease the cart abandonment rate and helped shoppers with saving their liked products.
Further more, this also helped with a 3.5% uplift in account creation

Key Features


Key Features

Notify when price drops / sales /OOS to create urgency on products.

Key Features

Remove from Favorites

Key Features


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